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15a Loft from Derby Street, Cambridge (click for larger version)

15a Viewed from the side (click for larger version)

15a Loft sittingroom to kitchen (click for larger version)

18 a & b - view from Derby Street (click for larger version)

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18a Desk shelves & cupboards in main bedroom (click for larger version)

18a Dining table to French windows (click for larger version)

18a Dining table to kitchen (click for larger version)

18b Kitchen to sitting-dining (click for larger version)





Moncontour prices

Derby Street Prices per Week for 2019

From ... Loft 15a Studio 15b 18a Derby 18b Derby
1 January n/a n/a n/a n/a
2 March 560
8 June 600 600
7 September 560 560
28 September
n/a n/a n/a n/a


Prices apply from the date of arrival at the property - if a holiday spans two seasons, prices will be determined by the date each week's rental starts.

Derby Street Apartments

We offer a discount where ten or more consecutive weeks are booked and ask for a non-refundable 30% deposit at the time of booking — balance to be paid 6 weeks (42 days) before arrival.

If we are not able to honour your booking due to reasons within our control we will fully refund all your payment and additionally assist you in trying to locate alternative accommodation.

However, if you should have to cancel then we will levy a cancellation charge:

Period before booked arrival:
Notice % Retained and % Returned
more than 42 days 30% deposit retained and no further obligation
29 - 42 days 50% of full price retained & 50% returned, if already paid in full
15 - 28 days 60% of full price retained & 40% returned, if already paid in full
7 - 14 days 75% of full price retained & 25% returned, if already paid in full
Fewer than 6 days no refund payable


The only extra costs that you should anticipate are the costs of phone calls and, if arranged, the costs of a cleaner during your stay.

Our flats lettings run from Saturday 4 p.m. at earliest to Saturday 9 a.m. at latest.

The objective is to achieve sequential flat lettings and also to establish a consistent cleaning schedule. However, if you contact us during the week proceeding your start date we will endeavour if we have a vacancy to accommodate earlier arrival on terms to be agreed.


For the deposit Direct Bank Transfer, PayPal, UK cheques, post office cheques, and cheques in Euros at ruling rate are accepted. Deposit payment should be made to our UK or French Euro account.

Payments in currencies other than British Pounds will be at an agreed rate using this method.

Alternatively, direct bank transfer in other currencies using the 'Economy Transfer' system and arranging that 'Remitter Pays all Charges' may be easier.

We can email you banking details.

For international money transfers National Westminster Bank charges at the UK end are 1 on any transaction below 100 and 7 on any transaction above 100. As we would expect you to pay any banking charges, a slightly reduced deposit to keep to the lower bank charge would be acceptable.

For those preferring to pay in Euros, we can offer a Euro account in France.


We are featured on a number of web sites that may be able of offer suitable accommodation if we cannot offer your preferred dates. For example:
University of Cambridge Accommodation Service
Accommodation Britain
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The Holiday Cottages
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A1 Tourist Guide UK

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